Artisanal notebooks designed to inspire, spark creativity and bring joy while having a positive impact on the world

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small batch notebooks made from scratch with love and using carefully sourced, environmentally friendly materials

Hey! I am Catalina,

the hands and mind behind Catalina Sánchez

Notebooks have always had a special meaning to me. When I was young, I would spend hours trying to find the perfect one. One that gave me joy, that I felt a connection with, and that was different from everyone else’s. Once I found the one, I would add some final touches to personalize it and make it my own.

Ever looking for that uniqueness, I learned to make notebooks that were meaningful, interesting and special. I enjoyed creating books for myself, and in the process, I discovered people sought them out too, and that's when my brand, Catalina Sánchez, was born.

Inspired by the simple things, finding beauty in everyday life, and taking small steps to take care of our planet and community, I create unique products that excite, bring joy and have a positive impact on the world.

Each notebook is handcrafted with love by me. I take care of every detail as I know that it will become very special to you.

With love – Catalina

the creation of a

catalina Sánchez notebook

an innovative process that involves detailed craftsmanship and a labour of love that infuses a distinctive charm

a catalina Sánchez

is a special, treasured and full of meaning notebook

where you can store your ideas, memories, feelings and more!

a catalina Sánchez notebook can be

your trusted companion

It’s a place where your ideas can become real, and your thoughts can come to life. It can hold your biggest dreams and secrets, your past experiences and your future adventures. Its pages allow you to imagine, think, create, express, and remember. A Catalina Sánchez notebook is a place where your dreams come true, and your memories are treasured.

Catalina Sánchez notebooks can hold huge sentimental value. Some could be too pretty to use, others will be passed on to the next generation, and some will never be opened again. Each one will tell a story and all together will hold your entire story.

find a notebook that speaks to you and

create your own story