Red - Soft Cover


Write your story. Create your masterpiece. Connect with your inner genius. Put ink to paper and treasure your memories for years in a notebook with a personality and design that speaks to you. 

Choose the size and paper that adapts best to your lifestyle and you can write or sketch with ease with our lay-flat pages.

Your creativity has no limits, nor our ink-friendly papers. Use different mediums to express yourself, markers, pencils, fountain pens, and more with no ghosting or bleeding. 

We know you are motivated to make an impact in the world, and so are we. That’s why we only choose materials that are vegan and eco-friendly and use premium recycled paper.

Treasure your unforgettable experiences forever, so to protect your memories from fading away, we use acid-free paper

Handcrafted by Catalina with love, excellent craftsmanship and a one-of-a-kind feeling in Toronto 🇨🇦

      - Softcover notebook with a vegan leather cover
      - Pages lay flat when open (opens at 180°)
      - Recycled and acid-free paper
      - Hand-sewn and hand-bound
      - Rounded corners
      - Eco-friendly
      - 100% Vegan

      - Plain: 100 pages on Flip or Pocket | 140 pages on journal size
      - Lined: 100 pages on Flip or Pocket | 140 pages on journal size ~ 1/4 inch spacing between lines
      - Dotted: 100 pages on Flip or Pocket | 140 pages on journal size ~ 4 mm spacing between dotted grid
      - Kraft: 60 brown pages on Flip or Pocket | 100 brown pages on journal size (not recommended for fountain pens, the paper has a rough texture)

      100% recycled paper and acid-free.

      Personalize your notebook

      White, hardcover, handmade canvas notebook with name from Catalina Sanchez

      Make your notebook extra special!

      Personalize it with your name, initials, or anything you want. 


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